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Bronze Plan

"The Bronze Plan is a very limited plan. It is ideal for athletes in the off-season who

want to maintain fitness or for someone looking for minimal guidance.

The Specifics

This level of coaching offers a fully customized, specific 3-day per week training plan. The Bronze level is for the athlete that does not need a lot of changes and/or ongoing adaptation to their training plan.  It is for the athlete that is able to train consistently with little change, yet still desires a fully custom plan created by an expert coach.


The plan is built in 4-8 week blocks according to your individual needs, goals, and ability, but it differs from the Silver Plan because this plan gives the athlete 3 workouts per week.


At the end of the four week block the coach evaluates the athlete’s progress and performance, discusses it with the athlete, and uses this information to create the next custom block of training.


The Bronze Plan includes:


  • Monthly Monitoring

  • Monthly Phone Call (or by appointment)

  • Strength and Conditioning

  • Injury Prevention

  • Cross-Training if desired for one to three of the workout days

  • Race Plan and Evaluation


Cost of Bronze Plan


Individual Sport - $79 per month

Interested in a Bronze Plan?

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