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EFAST Testimonials

"Life-changing! If you are thinking about making a commitment to running and need coaching to get you to a longer distance or a faster time, Lauren is your coach! I joined Lauren for help running a 50k 3 years ago. I was not much of a runner but wanted to run 50 when I turned 50. Her awesome training schedule and encouragement not only got through the 50k but I can happily report I was able to run a 50 miler! I have logged many miles with no injuries! She is flexible with my strange schedule. If you have a goal, put your faith in Lauren!"

Lisa, Reno, NV

“I absolutely loved working with you through all the training. I’m positive that I never would have had such an amazing experience at CIM had I trained with anyone else. Thanks for putting your heart and soul into your athletes. You are the best!” ​

JoAnne, Reno, NV

"Your encouragement and plan got me an awesome new PR. Thanks for believing in me. Thanks for making me push myself.  I finished strong and felt good afterwards. I stuck with my nutrition plan all 26.2 miles!”

Clara, Reno NV 

“I started running and racing about 5 years ago as a way to stay in shape and have something to keep me committed to training. I liked running because no matter the distance, it always felt like I could challenge myself. However, since I was training on my own without much knowledge of the best way to tackle training for road races, I quickly plateaued and became frustrated with what I perceived to be my limits.


About 8 months ago, I started training with EFAST, and it was like a lightbulb went off. EFAST taught me if I wanted to become a faster runner, I would need to learn how to run with good form and practice running faster. Lauren has been a huge help in correcting form deficiencies that have slowed me down in the past. She has tailored a training plan for me is based off of my ability level and has pushed me beyond what I thought was attainable.

 Rachel, Reno, NV

“I would not be the runner I am today without Lauren. She has helped me focus my training, become a stronger more intelligent runner, and to stay healthy. She has also inspired me to dream about bigger accomplishments. An important reason for this, I think, is that she listens. But most of all, she is loyal…I know she has my dreams, goals, and best interests at heart.” ​

Rubesh, Boston, MA

“Lauren takes a very serious business approach to what she’s got going on. She puts an incredible amount of detail into an individual plan that logically will get you from where you are to where you need to be to make your goal.”

Jack, Reno, NV


“A friend of mine referred me to Lauren after having a very successful season training with her for his last marathon. Having run by myself for several years (without improvement), I decided to work with Lauren to prepare for a marathon of my own. During this time I found Lauren to be very knowledgeable, professional and personable.  Lauren’s coaching not only prepared me mentally and physically for races, but also helped me improve my running form, nutrition, and overall fitness. Lauren took a vested interest in my goals and partnered with me to create and execute a plan to achieve them. 

George, Boston, MA


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