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Gold Plan

"The Gold Plan provides the most interaction between the coach and athlete. It is designed for the athlete who has a very specific goal and wants to achieve it."

The Specifics

EFAST’s most popular coaching level. Training schedules often need to be adjusted as life intervenes. This level of coaching offers a high degree of flexibility in your training plan and is perfect for the busy athlete who would like to maximize their training time.


The plan is completely customized to your needs, such as available weekly training hours, number of days per week available to train, ability level, limiters, race goals, etc., and your entire season is outlined in an annual training plan.


Your plan is modified and adjusted weekly as needed to keep you moving forward as quickly and efficiently as possible. Emails and calls may be scheduled as needed. Basic nutritional counseling, strength training, and form work is included as well.

The Gold Plan includes:


  • Weekly Monitoring via phone call or email 

  • Assessment of Strategy and Psychological Limiters

  • Strength and Conditioning Program

  • Injury Prevention Program

  • Cross Training Program

  • Dietary Suggestions

  • Extensive Race Plan and Post-Race Evaluation

  • Form Work.

  • Discount on Run Team and Circuit

  • Free vV02 max test

  • Free HR Zones and HR testing

  • Free TrainingPeaks account

Cost of Gold Plan:


Individual Sport - $250 per month

Triathlon - $300 per month

Annual Training Plan Buildout - $150

**All training plans require an initial fee of $150 for the annual training plan to be designed. 

Interested in a Gold Plan?

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