EFAST Coaching for Endurance Athletes

Pricing for Coaching Plans

Coach Lauren Evans

Run Coaching:

Gold - $250 per month

Silver - $175 per month

Bronze - $79 per month

Triathlon Coaching:

Gold - $300 per month

Silver - $225 per month

All plans require an annual training plan buildout fee of $150.

Contact  Lauren to get started!

Other EFAST Services

Run Form Analysis

Individual Analysis with Video Feedback - $125 per hour

Analysis with Partner and Video Feedback - $50 per athlete per hour

Group Run Form Analysis is available. Price TBD based on number of participants


If you need specific advice but aren't currently an EFAST athlete, a coach consultation may be the best option. Topics can include but are not limited to nutrition, race-day strategy, motivation, sports psychology and more.

30-minute call - $50

60-minute call - $100

Quick Comparison of Plans

*  If this the workout plan you select for Bronze

** Varies based on single sport versus triathlon