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Silver Plan

"The Silver Plan is perfect for the athlete who may be on a tighter budget.

The fully customized plan is provided one month at a time."

The Specifics

This level of coaching offers a fully customized, monitored, and specific training plan. The Silver level is for the athlete that does not need a lot of changes and/or ongoing adaptation to their training plan. It is for the athlete that is able to train consistently with little change, yet still desires a fully custom plan created by an expert coach.


The plan is built in 4 week blocks according to your individual needs, goals, and ability. The plan is updated monthly. As with all levels of coaching the athlete keeps a daily log of their training, diet, and stress levels. At the end of the four week block the coach evaluates the athlete’s progress and performance, discusses it with the athlete, and uses this information to create the next custom block of training.


In the interim your coach is available via email for support and questions. Basic sport nutrition parameters are included and athlete has the ability to self-monitor their diet. Includes annual training plan. 


The Silver Plan includes:


  • Monthly Monitoring

  • Update via Phone Call or In-Person Meeting monthly

  • Strength and Conditioning Program

  • Injury Prevention Program

  • Cross-Training Program

  • Dietary Suggestions

  • Extensive Race Plan and Evaluation

  • Form Work.

  • Free vVO2 Max Test

  • Free HR Zones and HR testing 

  • Free TrainingPeaks account

Cost of Silver Plan:


Individual Sport - $175 per month

Triathlon - $225 per month

Annual Training Plan Buildout - $150

**All training plans require an initial fee of $150 for the annual training plan to be designed.

Interested in a Silver Plan?

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