EFAST Run Training

Whether you are training for your first 5K, trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon, or are a professional runner, EFAST is here to help.


We have helped 100+ athletes achieve their running goals through our fully customized training plans.


EFAST offers three options for run training:

- Online coaching plan

- In-person run form analysis

- Run Team


Online Coaching Plans


Online coaching plans are fully customized based on your goals and budget. EFAST offers three different plans, Gold, Silver, Bronze. 

For more information on each plan and to find one that will work best for you, click an option below:

Run Form Analysis

An EFAST run form analysis takes a total body approach to assessing your running form limiters. You will leave the analysis with drills, specific injury prevention exercise, and a video of your form to help improve your running in order to help you be pain-free and achieve a new PR!

***NEW*** - Run Form Analysis is now offered via FaceTime!



Cost of a run analysis:

$100 for an hour

Group rates are available - Contact us for details


Run Team

Run Team is a highly coached group workout. All sessions are led by a certified coach and are adjusted based on your ability level and goals.


Run Team meets Mondays at 6 AM (at Reno High track)

and Tuesdays at 6 AM (at Mary Gojack Park off of Skyline Blvd)

Run Training

Interested in a coaching plan, form analysis, or Run Team?